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Buy A 442 Virtual Phone Number connect to your office phone service while working from home, connect to your laptop. Find the WiFi hotspot on the road, and you’ll be hooked. Many companies are asking what took them so long time to transition to VoIP.

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Desktop plugins allow you to connect your VoIP telephone to your most used applications. To make your work more efficient, you can make use of the existing tools to simplify it. Connect your phone system with Salesforce for crucial analysis, Outlook for a better communications experience, and many more features! This vital knowledge and competitive advantages will boost productivity. The workplace is always changing. Technology is constantly evolving, and our ability to keep in touch, collaborate, and complete the task. What is considered the traditional work environment has changed to adapt to the demands of the times, and we’re currently in a situation where we can be anyplace at any point and remain connected.

The workplace as a Service, commonly called WaaS, permits employees to access almost all office-related software with a mouse click. As a result, employers and employees have unprecedented flexibility and freedom. BroadConnect Telcom is committing to leading the way in the field of innovation. This suggests that work will soon able to do anytime, anyplace. So why do you have to sit around waiting to see what the next trend is? Your company can stay ahead of the technology and reap the benefits of the WaaS solution today. Remote work can cut costs, increase productivity, and increase employee satisfaction and satisfaction.

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We make use of a variety of different media to stay connected. No matter what media you use, it doesn’t matter. WaaS makes life simpler. Workplace as a service can assist you in managing your business. It allows you to adapt and respond faster than ever before and keep up with the evolving needs of your business. It’s no secret that VoIP telephones have been widely using to connect more people than ever before. So why not use it to connect your business.

The days are gone when you had to your desk on an exact time and date to work. Your office can be anywhere you’d like it to be! Don’t let the old model restrict your business. Make your business move where it’s moving, not being where it’s been. For more information about WaaS, call us toll-free.


To survive in the highly competitive business environment, it is crucial to be competitive with your rivals. As a result, many Canadian companies continue to invest large amounts of money in the latest technologies that they can utilize within their operations.

Businesses are more driven than ever to find new ways to connect, engage with their prospects and customers using telecommunications because of the shift to social media, among the most important forms of communications. The growth in VoIP usage has resulted in both VoIP and VoIP being employing to conduct business.